A Fitness Studio Unlike Any Other

At Project S, we believe in the magic of group fitness. We deliver short yet challenging workouts that get you great results. As most of us are busy and short on time, we have created a unique set of workouts that allows you to get quick results by either combining strength and cardio routines or focusing solely on HIIT.

After working as a fitness instructor for more than seven years, Sarah Wersborg, founder of Project S, decided to realize her dream and open her own studio. Having spent countless hours working out in gyms around the world, both as a client and an instructor, Sarah strives to create the best workout programs and a comfortable environment where her clients can fulfil their fitness potential. Her love for fitness and her desire to change people’s lives through fitness are the ethos of Project S.

Each class is expertly led by our team of highly qualified instructors who aim to help you reach your fitness goals, whether you are a beginner or a pro of the gym. We offer classes for every fitness level and provide plenty of options for you to choose from. Whatever level you’re at, we’ve got you covered.


Our Mission is to inspire people to work hard to become a stronger version of themselves. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best workouts to achieve great results. We believe that through fitness, we can change people’s lives for the better.


We want to make the world fall in love with fitness and to make fitness accessible for everyone.

Why Us

At Project S, we focus on our clients’ individual needs. Most of the spinning and bootcamp studios have a dark club atmosphere where the lights are dimmed when the beat is on. We want to do things differently. Our studio is bright and cheerful with light colors and big windows. It provides our clients with an atmosphere that’s conducive to fitness training and mental wellbeing.

Project S is for everyone. We want to make our clients stronger - physically and mentally! Our goal is to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable and accepted, no matter their body shape or fitness level. Whether it is your first lesson or 100th, you’ll be assisted by a group of enthusiastic and dedicated professionals to reach your goals every time you step into our studio.

We look forward to seeing you here at Project S!

The Founder

Sarah Wersborg

Founder of Sheung Wan fitness studio Project S

"Working out and becoming a fitness instructor have made me stronger and more self-confident than I ever thought I could be."- Sarah Wersborg

Meet Sarah

Our Workout Programs

All our classes are designed to get you out of your comfort zone. We want to challenge you and help you push your body to the limit and reach your fitness goals in a short period of time.

We believe that the most effective workouts are short but also pack a punch. You can choose HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) on one of our Stages Bikes or on the floor, a pure 50-minute indoor cycling ride, or a weight training session to focus on increasing both strength and endurance. If you really want to up your game, why not try our signature bootcamp class, which combines a strength session and a bike session to get everything done in a short amount of time? As a complement to your vigorous physical exercise regimen, we also offer more relaxed workouts such as Yoga/Pilates or sound meditation to help boost your mental health.

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