Spinning Classes in Hong Kong

Train Like an Athlete

Indoor cycling has proven to be a particularly effective way to get hooked on exercise. It is a very safe and low impact workout that not only gets the heart rate up and makes you sweat but is also a lot of fun. Spinning is the quintessential group fitness workout.

Cycling sessions get you fit really fast. Powering through just three cycle workouts, such as Les Mills RPM, a week can do wonders for your fitness. It’s the varying levels of intensity within the cycle workout that are the key factor in maximizing muscle adaptations and producing comprehensive health benefits. If you want to take it up a notch, high-intensity interval cycling such as Les Mills SPRINT can have an even greater positive impact on your health. Jumping onto one of our stages bikes is one of the best ways to beat stress and depression which in turn leads to better mental health. Choose one of our cycling classes and become your fittest and healthiest self.