Project Soothe X Sound by Cheryl Rodriguez

Project Soothe X Sound by Cheryl Rodriguez
Tune in to well-being with sound
Project Soothe X Sound by Cheryl Rodriguez

Immerse yourself in grounding good vibes in this 1hr Gong Bath and soothe the senses for a deeply relaxing experience - perfect post work-out or for a calming pause to your busy day.

Talented sound artist Cheryl embraces her love of nature and stillness to create a sense of peace through sound, water, breath and movement, with a mindful, nurturing and compassionate approach.

Simply wear something comfortable.

About Cheryl Rodriguez

Cheryl first discovered sound healing during a trip to London when she joined a gong meditation after a yoga class. She was immediately hooked after feeling a deep sense of relaxation from the soothing sounds and began attending regular sessions when she was back in Hong Kong to balance a high-pressure corporate lifestyle. After an unexpected surgery, Chery went to a sound meditation session to help relax during the recovery and directly felt the deeper healing effects of vibrational sound and later, water, which led her to study the modalities. She has since studied with teachers from Argentina, Australia, Canada, Germany, Hawaii, India, Japan and Thailand.

In addition to being a Four Seasons Hong Kong Spa resident healer, Cheryl has collaborated with Stuart Sandeman of BreathPod, Amazon Fashion (Japan), Sun & Moon Yoga (Tokyo), Ritz Carlton, Soho House, Quinta Mazatlan (Texas), MDFLMVMT HK and MIND HK.